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Advancing your corporation or foundation’s philanthropic and social impact goals.

Join the trending Revolution of Partnership Opportunities!

The world is facing numerous complex challenges, from the global pandemic to climate crisis, we believe that AI (if used ethically) has the power to play a significant role in addressing these challenges and making a positive impact in society.

By partnering with us, you will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and drive progress in industries that have the potential to shape our future, especially the future of vulnerable individuals and communities. 

Your support will help us develop cutting-edge workforce and entrepreneurship training tools while generating economic opportunities to mitigate the effects of climate change hazards. Furthermore, with your support, we can drive progress in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to advance research and development in under-invested communities. We can work together to create solutions that mitigate the climate change crisis and preserve our cities for future generations.

Deep Data Detectives (D3) offers a wide range of partnership opportunities designed to reach new heights in your industry.


Our global ecosystem of experts works tirelessly and interconnected to provide you with the latest and greatest tools, resources and support to help you succeed. 

Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or multinational corporation, we are honored to offer a platform that creates, curates, and scales relevant projects and solutions across communities around the world.  Through our Deep Data Detectives (D3) Global Network, we have the local connections and understanding of community needs and untapped grassroots groups to quickly develop and support meaningful and far-reaching customer service relationship (CSR) and social impact projects that can be scaled across any country, region, or the world.

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