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Deep Data Detectives.
D3 Adventures - The Pilot

The Challenge

Although powerful, approaches like remote sensing techniques (satellite imagery and aerial photography) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)’s mapping and visualization help analyze socio-economic data (poverty rates and access to infrastructure), these approaches have fallen short supporting community-based efforts.  In many cases, climate hazards are forecasted and predicted, yet devastating and costly consequences wipe out cities increasing poverty, unemployment, homelessness, unreliable transportation, and equitable access to healthcare and food security. 


The absence of main street solutions empowering their own residents to prevent and mitigate climate change is broader because critical decisions are made through systemic inequality. From the front lines of unaffordable services to the government, decisions are often made by the people far from main street and actual local residents.  Data under the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) is out of touch with the day-to-day realities of people experiencing lack of skills, wage-living paying jobs and access to more adequate economic opportunity.  Data is disjointed, inconsistently collected, outdated and challenged by geography.  This fundamental disconnect creates fragmented solutions that address part of the problem and interventions that do not effectively improve economic opportunity for people who need it the most.

The Action:

Building our engagement with more than 126 million people in the USA living in coastal counties — most likely to be exposed to flood risk, and 31 million people in black communities and communities of color — where 20 million of them have fallen deeply in the Cycle of Poverty since 2021, the Deep Data Detectives (D3) Initiative is an accessible hybrid and multi-generational community that will allow us to act as partners to create opportunities and pathways with first-hand experienced to: 


  1. Expand the benefits of artificial intelligence, data analytics and game design technologies with an intuitive approach that keeps the community engaged in solving their own problems wherein the focus is to detect, empower and analyze local issues and needs.  

  2. We like to call this community, “D3s Everywhere!” to shape and participate in research that sets the tone for sustainability from the bottom up.

  3. Co-design and spearhead interventions that create field-tested strategies for how the community can mobilize their residents to collective action at the intersection of climate change and economic prosperity.

  4. Partner with an ecosystem to positively influence strategic local projects democratizing access to quantitative and qualitative data directly reported by the real heroes. The real Deep Data Detectives.  The D3s Everywhere!

The Results:

The D3s Everywhere! community is an experience in its foundational stages, establishing strategy and processes to serve as a source of truth from which data-driven decisions are made from the bottom up to extract intrinsic knowledge.  Thus far, this has included:


  • Identifying communities to establish a global network

  • Inviting key actors of social change — teachers and students to participate in our 2022 D3 Adventures Pilot.


Centering the

D3s Everywhere! Experience


The D3s Everywhere! Experience emerged from D3 Adventures, a prize winner in the 2022 Designing for Digital Thriving Challenge to empower underrepresented voices.

The Stats

Key Stakeholders

  • IDEO

  • Riot Games

  • Fair Play Alliance (FPA)

  • Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

  • The winners from D3 Adventures: Lexington, KY; Creshaw, Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA.

  • 65 Diverse Teachers from 23 cities surveyed and interviewed to gauge the pilot’s efficacy.  

The D3 Adventures pilot provided valuable datasets in planning teachers’ immersions. Each winner received $500 to help remove bureaucratic barriers.  Participants reported positive changes in behavior, with a newfound motivation to embed equity in their immersions for all living creatures and take action towards a more sustainable neighborhood.  


The pilot was successful in raising inclusive awareness about climate change, promoting pro-environmental behavior, and teaching the use of datasets and visualizations, despite unfavorable weather conditions in some cities.


Use of Inclusive Language

95% preferred to be called “untapped” rather than “underrepresented,” “marginalized,” or “vulnerable.”

The data highlights the importance of using language that is empowering and respectful to our applicants and the communities we serve.  It is a reminder to use inclusive language that accurately reflects the diverse experience and perspectives of individuals and groups we engage with.

High Interest In A Safer Interactive Tool For Climate Action

85% expressed interest in using a safer interactive tool such as video games to engage community stakeholders in collective climate action. 

This information aligns with a global trend to highlight climate and environment themed video games to special features, pop-ups, and real-life tree-planting opportunities embedded within beloved classics like PAC-MAN or Angry Birds and evidence that the gaming industry is working with the United Nations to engage audiences like never before to inspire a new wave of climate action. Drawing from these insights, Deep Data Detectives (D3) can contribute by empowering a community to take meaningful steps to a sustainable future. 

Help us continue our work.

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