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The Curriculum

Riot Games’ Game Design Curriculum is an entry-level course that teaches high school students the fundamental elements of game design using a framework and interactive workshops created by our own game designers. Students will ultimately utilize their newfound knowledge of core game design concepts like goals, types of fun, opposition, rules, interaction, and balance to create a paper prototype of a multiplayer game.


The curriculum is adapted from a college-level curriculum designed by Stone Librande, a Senior Game Designer at Riot Games.

Credits: The Deep Data Detectives (D3) Initiative is proud to be one of the winners  crowned  by Riot Games and IDEO crowned  in the 2022 Designing for Digital Thriving Challenge. 


Preparing today’s students to work with data fluently is critical to ensuring a scientifically literate and empowered citizenry. But most efforts to incorporate data analysis into the K-12 curriculum are limited to short, isolated activities; basic skills development; or, are introduced as new courses devoted specifically to data and computing, limiting both the potential benefits and the audience for such efforts. The Data Stories project (2019-2022) brings together a team of researchers from University of California Berkeley, NC State University, and The Concord Consortium to integrate computational data analysis into the middle school science curriculum in a longitudinal, interdisciplinary way – drawing from the computer and data sciences, literacy studies, statistics, and science education to saturate the classroom with relevant tools, resources, and support.

Develop DataBytes.  Short, scaffolded student discussions which are about data visualizations. They take only 1 class session. These can use visualizations (graphs, infographics, other data displays) from your existing curriculum, local news stories, or other materials that are tailored to your goals and classroom.

Create student-friendly CODAP documents called: Data Launchpads. These documents provide a gentle introduction and an analysis "sandbox" for topics that you will be teaching, and/or for issues that are especially important to your students.

For more informattion, contact the WDS Team at

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