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Benchmark Our Work

It is important to acknowledge our own progress and where we can do better. Out of two research and design pilots (since 2021), Deep Data Detectives has worked with under-graduate and graduate students from Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California and Washington University. The collaborations inspired the "Dollars for Hours" Internship Program to provide interns with the opportunity to gain real world experience and apply the skills learned in the classroom for 3-months in the areas of UX Design, Data Analytics and Software Development.

81% of our grantees are women and 19% are men. We serve 100% of black communities and communities of color typically at higher risk of suffering the impact of climate hazards due to the lack of economic opportunities. In an effort to mitigate this problem, we will continue to reach out to vulnerable communities with under-represented and untapped demographics including individuals with disabilities and seniors. The trendline is in the right direction, but we have more work to do.

Our stated goal:

Moving forward, we strive to reach out to 30% of individuals with disabilities in vulnerable communities. And we want at least 15% of our reach out more representatives of Indigenous Communities

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