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In the Crenshaw Sci, Tech, Eng, Math and Medicine Magnet (STEMM) High Schools, Tino Carter, a school climate advocate is one of the grantees in the 2022 D3 Adventures Challenge.

Mr. Carter aims to educate community residents to be self-reliant by learning how to grow and harvest their own fresh fruits and vegetables. He is dedicated to providing food resources to the community, supporting smallholder BIPOC farmers and artisanal food businesses, and promoting the local food movement and health eating as an act of resistance among his students and local climate advocates.

The Challenge:

The Crenshaw Community in Los Angeles, CA is positioned in what is known as a 'food desert' and after losing its local grocery stores due to the pandemic, needs as much support as they can get. There is no reliable, public transportation to connect food markets with residents.

The Solution:

Partnering with Black and Brown farmers to provide fresh produce in impacted communities through weekly mobile pop-ups in South LA is the most viable solution to help locals prepare nutritious meals.

How Deep Data Detectives Helped:

  • Provided datasets for Food Vulnerabilities.

  • Provided interview tools for Mr. Carter and his students to survey families in the SNAP Program.

  • Provided a workskop to train Mr. Carter and his students to develop a THEORY OF ACTION (ToA) framework to outline steps, activities, outcomes and impact to achieve the vision of their Food Mobile Truck endeavor.

What Tino is saying:

"D3 Adventures has given me the opportunity to expand my career within a world of community engagement to help our students and their families be more resilient and mitigate food scarcity and bad nutrition in the Creshaw community. The D3 grant will go towards our efforts to fix an old food truck we bought last year and kick start our Produce Truck Program that will bring nutritious foods to the most remote areas of Creshaw.

To learn more about our services, visit our Labs for Change Program.

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