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Let's start something big, together!

Updated: Apr 25

After our first pilot last Fall, we at Deep Data Detectives are thrilled to carry on our mission to empower individuals and communities to be more resilient. With a mantra “If you can see it, you can live it!,” we are thrilled to announce that we started building the [D3s] Everywhere! Game App. We want to inspire game players to play with the purpose to make a difference right where they are while having fun, learning new skills and earning cash and rewards.

D3 Players (as we would like to call our game players) can adopt a simple or sophisticated role from collecting plastic bags in their local beach to organizing a solar farm in a rural district. An easy and fun flow prompts D3s into fascinating directions. D3s sort of pierce through the arcs of a big mission and adventure while learning new skills, or into a sort of more simulation that expands beyond virtual interactions.

Be the first to become a Deep Data Detective [D3] and join a community of global eco-warriors. Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world, who are passionate about protecting the planet, advancing social climate, equal access to economic opportunity and learn from each other.

Join the movement today and take a step towards a more sustainable future. Sign up for the waitlist.

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