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The Art of Asking Intentional Questions to Forster Inclusion

Eleonor Garrett, our last 2022 D3 Adventures' grantee is a Digital Learning Coach at the Lexington High School in

Lexington, Kentucky. She spends her days gathering input on what people enjoy about Lexington’s parks and other public spaces—and what barriers make them feel unwelcome.

The Fall, Eleonor's community was asked to select from a list of barriers including personal, emotional, and/or cultural safety concerns; lack of transportation; lack of diversity representation; and lack of physical accessibility.

The Challenge:

  • Local infrastructure reuse must reckon with the histories of inequity in and around project sites. It is important to guide the community toward understanding.

  • Under-invested communities need more attention to improve quality of life and access opportunity to sustain climate change impact.

How D3 Adventures helped:

  • Providing datasets of community vulnerabilities.

  • Providing technical assistance to prepare and conduct a small focus group with various community segments, including adjoining property owners, senior citizens, arts groups, nature and wellness enthusiasts, youth, parents, young professionals, and others.

  • Providing community design sessions to brainstorm about public pop-up events to promote sustainability in the community.

  • Providing UX research tools such as an online survey to gauge opinions on various design features applicable to the community to draw solutions to their needs.

What Eleonor is saying:

"I want to find my voice and the D3 Adventures Team is helping me to do that. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow with their support and grant to make a positive impact on our community."

To learn more about our services, visit our Labs for Change Program.

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