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Dina Brown, another 2022 D3 Adventures' grantee, is a Biological Teacher and Librarian

at the North Atlanta Middle-School in

Atlanta, Georgia.

Dina creates a curriculum that embeds lessons of restoration and ecology into everyday home and school's activities as an outdoor classroom sessions. Every Spring, Dina guides her students to plant native wildflower and basil seeds in February. In June, she organizes a Field Trip for her students to re-plant their seeds in a nearby park as part of the city's local conservation experience. She complements her classes with virtual plant sessions and expands the reach of native seeds by having students planting them in their school yard and homes.

The Challenge:

  • Community engagement and education to ensure long-term stewardship of public spaces transformation.

  • Partnering with local parks to explore urban gardens, nature viewing stations, and new pedestrian bridges offering myriad opportunities for residents, visitors, and students to experience the outdoors safely.

How D3 Adventures helped:

  • Providing datasets for best seeds for conservation for Dina's students to create a catalog.

  • Designing interactive interviews with middle school students.

  • Providing Theory of Action (ToA) framework to outline steps to achieve their vision to inspire care for local conservation projects that increase tourism in the community.

What Dina is saying:

"The D3 Adventures Initiative is not only bringing a sense of positive energy in our communities, but it also creates a dynamic where it feels like our community comes together as a whole family! Our grant covered our Field Trip's cost this last April. The students loved replanting their seeds and explaining how conservation projects are good for their families, communities and the environment."

To learn more about our services, visit our Labs for Change Program.

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