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Deep Data Detectives (D3) Position on Data Principles and Responsible Principles

Controversies in the rise of AI have a transformative impact in people’s lives and virtually every industry with the potential to shape our future.  As we consider data principles and best practices in the development of AI, Deep Data Detectives (D3) prioritizes the needs and intentions of untapped individuals and communities facing climate hazards, and social and economic vulnerabilities.  

Our Data Principles include:

​1. Definition of social and economic issues: We collaborate with grassroots organizations to ensure that everyone has a driving seat in the decision-making process by assessing, designing and implementing AI solutions.

2. Data is the foundation: AI models rely on data to make accurate predictions and decisions.  We are committed to creating reliable and diverse datasets to train our models. 

3. Embedding equity in the right algorithms: We assess and test algorithms to understand their strengths and weaknesses and monitor performance while remaining open, yet cautious, to exploring Generative AI to expand capabilities and functionality. We believe in providing a valuable feedback loop to refine and improve models overtime. 

4. Transparency and Ethical considerations: AI is increasingly integrated into our lives, it is important to consider the ethical implications of AI systems. Transparency and fairness are critical considerations at our core when designing and implementing AI systems.

We follow Global Responsible Best Practices for implementing AI:

  • Use of human-centered design approach

  • Use of Theory of Change to assess metrics and monitoring

  • Use of Community Activation at grassroots levels to verify granular and baseline data 

  • Test, Assess, Adapt, and Pivot prioritizing our communities needs and intentions

  • Be patient to the limitations of our dataset and model

  • Use of continuing evaluation tools embedded in our gaming community platform

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