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Deep Data Detectives is taking extraordinary steps to raise awareness in collaboration with Hollywood Celebrities who are gamers and environmentalists When it comes to video streaming and gaming, optimized digital technologies can play a tremendous role in providing maximum benefits while minimizing environmental consequences. 

The “D3 Game Players For Net Zero®” Program

We want to help our players be more Carbon Neutral when playing our games.  We want to lay out very clearly and simply how to measure, offset, and then begin to mitigate our players' carbon footprint.  A good place to start is to ensure that we will be designing the right games and prioritize the best players in our games that can be accredited by VCS or Gold Standard. These two organizations publish a great deal of data about the offsets they accredit.  We specifically consider how we can do the most good, and also what resonates with our mission.  So, we want to offset through funding projects that help players from communities who are affected the most by climate hazards.  We are partnering with a team of industry leaders and certified energy and greenhouse gasses specialists associated with energy use and carbon emissions from devices, data centers, and network infrastructure across the U.S. and around the world.

Less Carbon Footprint, More Action

The Net-Zero Hollywood Program aims to work with game studios  on two fronts: First, reducing the carbon footprint of the industry; and second, harnessing the power of their platforms to include messages or steps they might take related to climate action.

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