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Just FutureProof©: Deep Data Detectives (D3s)

The Challenge

Frontline communities experience disproportionate social, economic, and environmental injustices, and climate change
is exacerbating the root causes of inequity in those areas.

However, the implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation strategies has been dissapointing, deepening the problems:

- Climate

- Poverty

- Inequality

The Solution

Just FutureProof©: Deep Data Detectives (D3s) is an award-winning, AI-driven, real-time strategy video game that offers an immersive gaming experience focused on climate resilience, poverty reduction, and sustainability development efforts. As players step into the role of elite Deep Data Detectives (the D3s), they harness the power of AI and data tools to combat the pressing challenges of a world on the brink of climate catastrophe. After all, everyone can develop a sense of self-signals that lead to street intelligence.  In our game, players learn to make informed decisions, strategize, and adapt in real-time to shape a sustainable future.


A groundbreaking video game that combines entertainment, education and rewards to empower players to champion climate resilience, poverty reduction, and sustainability.   Read the full proposal here. 

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