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Everyone has a role to play, and you don’t have to play your role alone. Being a Labs For Change® member means becoming part of a network highlighting key leverage points and climate actions that all businesses must tap to help small towns and rural communities transform quickly, safely, and equitably. In addition to the softer benefits, Labs for Change® places an emphasis on making the climate action and poverty connection by teaming with like-minded local authorities, business leaders and local residents. Opportunities to inspire and be inspired abound. It also means making your voice heard at national levels, where we highlight the interests of our members in the climate-poverty connection. We provide an ecosystem of private and public structures, providing valuable support for your climate action plans design and implementation. We further support members in their activities by developing CO2 monitoring instruments, running campaigns on topics such as sustainable mobility and consumption, organizing opportunities for exchange and carrying out projects both with and for member cities. For a closer look at how you can take advantage of the Labs for Change® membership, we invite you to schedule a 30’ meeting to answer all your questions. Schedule your free consultation now.

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